Leasing Opportunities

Leasing Opportunities

Join Aventus Property, Australia’s largest private investors and managers of homemaker centres  with 557 retailers, 524,000 square  metres of  retail  showrooms  in  20  large format retail  centres  across  five  states  valued  at  circa + $1.85 billion*. The company prides itself on hands-on, visible, proactive management of its assets and conducts property management, leasing, asset management, marketing, development, acquisition and investment management services in-house.

There are several leasing opportunities within our fast growing portfolio of large format retail centres.

Find out more about Aventus Property Group and the portfolio at aventusproperty.com.au.

For further information regarding leasing, please contact :

Cassie  Barton 
Leasing Executive
0410 819....

Nick Bradbury
Senior Leasing Manager
0415 692....

Casual Leasing:

Michael Conroy
(07) 3279 0100


*As at 31 December 2017